Through years of doing international non-profit work, our journeys introduced us to amazing people from all over the world who are making incredible impacts through the coffee industry. This created a passion in us to share incredible coffee from around the globe as well as have the opportunity to change lives both internationally through direct trade relationships and locally through our coffee shop and headquarters in the Southern Illinois community.

We invite you to experience for yourself and browse our selection of global, direct trade coffee. Then, choose your blend, and rest assured that we will do all the leg work to ensure that your order is roasted to perfection, boxed and shipped so that it arrives fresh and on time. Our goal at Crown Brew is to help you brew it better with incredible blends and amazing brewing equipment. Whether you are one-time shopping or wanting to be a partner through wholesale, our promise is to make the process of finding the perfect blend of coffee as easy as possible for you.

Global Blends

Premium blends ethically sourced from around the world.


Creating a great experience for the people that you serve.

Our Story

Get to know the 'why' that fuels Crown Brew Coffee Co.