Cold Brew 

The cold brew method allows you to make a ready-to-drink beverage or a concentrate that can be mixed with milk, water, almond milk, or even hot water or milk to enjoy a variety of recipes.

Cold brewing requires 12-24 hours to brew.  This slow process allows the maximum amount of flavor and caffeine to be extracted from the coffee without forcing all of the acid with hot water.  Cold brew is proven to be 65-70% less acidic than a hot brewed coffee.

Simply fill the pitcher half way with cold water, put the coffee in the basket, place the basket in the pitcher, and pour the rest of your water through the coffee until it is full.  

Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew - 1150mg/5cups of water + 60g/4 fluid oz of coarse ground coffee.

Cold Brew Concentrate - use 120g/8 fluid oz of ground coffee. 

***To serve the concentrate, serve with one parts concentrate to one parts milk, water, or almond milk to dilute.  

ex) 170g concentrate + 170g milk + optional 30g caramel or 12g white chocolate