We are coffee lovers that care about making an impact in the world.  Crown Brew was started to combine these two passions.  For years, our founders travelled to various countries doing nonprofit projects involving human trafficking, education, agriculture, creative arts, and medical outreach.  While watching hope spring forth and lives change, we realized a need for sustainability.  No matter what country or continent we worked in, we realized there was so much potential for jobs, and so few capitalizing on it.  Our journeys introduced us to amazing people standing up for change and also incredible blends made by local people.  This culminated in our desire to share both great coffee and the opportunity to change lives.

We long to sell our customers an experience, not a product.  Our products simply open the door allowing the consumer to experience the rich, smooth, and unique flavors of our premium coffee while offering a better life experience to a less fortunate soul somewhere else in the world.  Before Crown Brew, we would travel to these countries and serve the people and bring their coffee back home.  As coffee lovers, we began to experiment with these fair trade blends from our trips.  We discovered all the complexities in flavor and how to brew them in a way the captures their uniqueness.  As our love for the coffee and for the mission grew, we realized we could share both on a larger scale.  Crown Brew now exists to bring you incredible coffee, give you the tools to brew it better, and connects you to a bigger mission than just a cup of coffee. 

Crown Brew places value on good coffee and global impact.  We are proud to offer these great coffees from all over the world.  But, we are even more proud to say that every one of these blends are produced on farms where the employees are receiving fair wages.  Check out each of our blends and their origins and be proud knowing that your business supports these incredible farms and our other global relief projects.  Stop by our shop to purchase a bag of coffee, or subscribe to have it regularly delivered.